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Two Step 2021 Coach Approval Process
by posted 02/18/2021

There are TWO steps in the 2021 Coach Application & Approval process:

1.  Complete the online 2021 Coach Application.

2.  Complete the 2021 Coach Background Check process.  


Here are instructions to complete the two steps:


2021 Coach Application

-  Go to the league website (hamlinparkbaseball.org)

-  Sign in with your e-mail and password combination

-  Go to the big "REGISTER NOW" button on the home page

-  Scroll to find the 2021 Coach Application

-  Select Join Wait List and complete the short form

IMPORTANT:  Make sure to list the Head/Assistant Coach with whom you want to be paired.  If these two match, we make the pair.  If not, unpaired coaches will stay on the weait list until they have a pairing.  


2021 Coach Background Check

-  IF you are paired or certain you will be paired, ALL coaches must complete the Baclground Check EACH year.  

-  This is managed via a third-party vendor and cost about $20.  

-  It often takes up to a week for our vendor to provide your approval...you are not complete until the results are sent to us from the vendor.

-  You may access the Background Check site via the website address/link... http://hpba.sportssignup.com/site/


Once you have completed each step, we will move you off the wait list and into your paired spot for 2021.  


If you have any trouble or questions, please let us know.

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