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Travel Baseball Team Try-Out Information for 2021 Teams

We will be hosting our 2021 Travel Baseball Team Try-Outs on Saturday, September 12, 2020 at Hamlin Park.  
We will have LOTS of open spots at all age levels so encourage you to try-out for your age-appropriate team.  
There is no cost or obligation to attend the try-out.  
We hope you will consider giving it a try!!!
Here are the details and instructions...
These try-outs are for all interested 2021 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U players.  Age for the 2021 season is considered as of May 1, 2021.  
Players may only try-out for their age-appropriate team.  
Any interested player MUST pre-register.  The registration program is OPEN on the HPBA website.
Here is a direct e-mail link to the try-out registration program: 2021 HPBA Travel Team Try-Out Registration  
Our PRIMARY try-out date is Saturday, September 12 at Hamlin Park per the schedule below:
10U and 11U - 5:00PM-7:00PM
12U, 13U and 14U - 7:30PM-9:30PM  
We will offer one ALTERNATE try-out date on Monday, September 14 at Hamlin Park from 3:30-5:30 for ALL age groups.  
We encourage players to attend the PRIMARY date but if you are absolutely unable to attend that date, you may opt to attend the ALTERNATE date.  
ALL interested players MUST attend one full time slot with their age appropriate group in order to be considered.  Injury exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis provided they are communicated in advance.
Non-Hamlin players are invited to attend this try-out but are limited to Grey (Full-Time) Travel Team options.  
At this time, the Purple Travel Teams may only select returning HPBA players...this includes all players who participate in the 2020 HPBA season as well as any player who formally opted out of the 2020 HPBA season.     
Try-outs may only be attended by Players, Head Coaches, Evaluators and Supervisors.  ALL other parents (including Assistant Coaches) will be asked to leave the park while try-outs are completed.  This is not done for secrecy purposes but the process works more efficiently with less input.   
Please click the REGISTER NOW button on the home page to begin the pre-registration process.  
Team Try-Outs for our 14U and 12U Travel Softball Teams will be in late-September or early-October.  Team Try-Outs for our 8U & 9U Travel Baseball and 10U Travel Softball Teams will take place in late-January, after House Registration is complete.  
If you have any questions about the HPBA Travel Program and/or Try-Out Process, please contact me and/or our HPBA Travel Program Director, Dan Murphy at  .