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Frequently Asked Questions for Travel Teams

When are the tryouts?

  • The 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U Purple Teams will host tryouts in late September or early October for the following season. The 8U and 9U Purple Teams will host tryouts in late January, after all players have registered for the upcoming season.
  • The 10U, 11U, 12U and 13U Grey Teams host tryouts in late August or early September for the following season.
  • Each team will host two tryout dates.  All interested players MUST attend at least one tryout date for the specific team.  
  • See the travel tryout page for the specific dates.

Who evaluates the tryouts?

  • Evaluators are comprised of the team’s head coach and independent baseball experts from outside organizations.  HPBA board members attend the tryouts to provide assistance.  Tryouts are a “closed” event with parents asked to drop off & return for pick-up.

Who can tryout?

  • Purple Teams are comprised 100% of currently registered, returning HPBA players. 
  • Grey Teams are also comprised of currently registered HPBA players plus up to three new, non-Hamlin players.  

Does my child need to be registered at HPBA to play on the travel team?

  • Yes, players who play on the Purple Teams must be currently registered with HPBA House League. 
  • Grey Team players may play House Baseball at Hamlin Park but are not required to do so. 

Where & when is practice in the off-season and then during the season?

  • Practice for all teams are at the coach's discretion.  Purple Teams often practice 2x per week from January - April; then coach's discretion once the house league begins.  Grey Teams may practice 1-2x per week in the off-season from Oct - February; 2-3x per week during the season and/or at the coach's discretion from March - July.

How many games do they play in Purple and Grey?

  • Purple Teams play approximately 30-40 games total which includes 18-20 house league games. Purple Teams play in 2-4 tournaments with one out of town.  
  • Grey Teams play approximately 40-45 games and are not required to play in the HPBA house league.  Grey Teams may play in 4-6 tournaments with 1-2 being out of town.
  • At the 12U level, both teams go to Cooperstown in July/August.

What is the cost of Purple Travel?

  • $1300 plus any hotel or travel costs in addition to the house league fees of $300
  • $500 will be added to the 12U fee to help cover Cooperstown

What is the cost of Grey Travel?

  • $2000 plus any hotel or travel costs
  • $500 will be added to the 12U fee to help cover Cooperstown

Can my child play in house as well as Purple Travel or Grey Travel?

  • Yes, both Purple Travel and Grey Travel players can play in the house league.  Purple Travel players are required to play in the house league.

When are games played?

  • Both seasons generally run from late March/early April through the end of July or early August.  Once the teams are selected, check with the coach as some schedules may vary.

Who are the head coaches? How are they selected?

  • Currently, all head coaches are fathers that volunteer their time and have prior coaching experience.  Current coaches are listed on the Travel Team Roster page.
  • Each team has the option, capability and budget to access outside coaching resources.  These decisions are made on a team level and within a defined budget.

How many kids make the team?

  • Roster size can range from 11-13 players and is at the coach's discretion.