Hamlin Park Baseball Association (HPBA) is a not-for profit organization that provides competitive youth baseball and softball leagues for boys and girls in the city of Chicago, IL. The goal of the Hamlin Park Baseball Association is to teach players how

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Dear HPBA Members,

We hope this page provides you with helpful information as a registered member of the Hamlin Park Baseball Association (HPBA).  

Manage your Family Account

The HPBA website requires parents update their family accounts regularly.  Everyone must sign-in for the first time as a new member.  Using your email as the Username when you click on the sign-in prompt in the upper right corner of our home page, you will be able to create a password and confirm the information is accurate for your family. Please double check each email and also note your cell phone carrier if you would like to receive text messages from the league.  

If you change your email or mobile contact information, please update your HPBA profile accordingly.  
Please open the Edit My Account tab (found on the left side of the home page). You can sign in with your old email and then update as necessary.  

Parent Player Policy Agreement

During the registration process members accept the terms of the HPBA Parent & Player Contract. Please consider printing this copy of the Parent Player Policy Agreement for reference throughout the year.  

Volunteer Obligations and Opportunities

HPBA is a non-profit organization managed 100% by volunteers.  Every family is required to either volunteer for 3 hours per season or pay the volunteer buy-out (VBO) fee.  The VBO fee is $100 per family per season until June 1st.  If the VBO fee is paid after June 1st, it is $150 per family, and after August 1st it is $200 per family.  Head Coach hours and HPBA Board Member hours are logged as volunteer time.  Opportunities to volunteer include new player registration, field preparation, grill preparations, spirit wear sales and equipment exchange support.  Please visit the Volunteer page for dates & times or contact our Volunteer Director at   


Most of our coaches have a player(s) in the league although we do accept qualified, non-parent coaches.  If you're a returning HPBA coach, the Coach Application can be found in Coaches Corner.  If your new to the League or interested in coaching without a registered player, please email our Vice President at  . All HPBA coaches are obligated to uphold the policies contained in the HPBA Coach Policy Agreement.


Information on how to apply for an Umpire position at HPBA is available through the website.  Specific questions can be directed to our Head Commissioner at  


HPBA Conduct, Discipline, and Enforcement

All Coaches, Players, and Participants are obligated to uphold the policies contained in the HPBA Conduct, Discipline and Enforcment Policy. If you observe an incident or situation that violates the HPBA Conduct Policy, please report it through an Incident Report Form (IRF).

Lost & Found

When items have been found, they will be posted to the website under the 'Lost and Found' menu item.  When that option is not in the menu, there is nothing currently sitting in the lost and found.  Additionally, HPBA Board Members are at every game if you would like their help while onsite.