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Fall Ball


HPBA Fall Ball Baseball consists of three baseball divisions:

  • 8U 
  • 10U
  • 12U

Player division eligibility is based on players’ age as of May 1 of the current year – i.e., the “baseball age” the player played at this summer.

The game schedules will be as follows (exceptions may apply):

  • 8U games @ 10:00 a.m. 
  • 10U games @ 12:00 p.m. 
  • 12U games @ 2:30 p.m.

Games will start on Saturday, August 26, 2023 and run every Saturday until October 28.  October 28 will be playoffs for each of the three divisions.  

Please note there will be no games on Saturday, September 2nd (Labor Day weekend) and no games on Saturday, September 9th due to previously scheduled events at the park that weekend.



HPBA Fall Ball is “full team” registrations only - no individual player sign-ups.  It is the responsibility of each coach to:

  • Field their team as the Hamlin Park Baseball Association will not roster a team for you. Rosters must have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 15 (in all divisions).
    • Each team can have a MAXIMUM of 2 non-Hamlin players on the roster.  A non-Hamlin player is any player who did not play in the current year's summer Hamlin house program or travel program (purple, grey, or white teams).  The only exception is if all 8 team spots are not filled.
  • Obtain uniforms and hats for the team.  Players can use the pants they wore during the summer/past season.
  • Pay the Team registration fee of $1,000 when registering your team. All confirmed Fall Ball players who were not registered as HPBA players for the summer season will be asked to complete a registration process.

Initially, we are only accepting registrations from existing Hamlin Park coaches. If any of the 8 slots are not filled by July 31, we will open it up to non-Hamlin Park teams. Once all 8 spots are filled for a particular division, registration will close for that division. 



  • Any players or teams who desire to “play up” in the higher aged division should reach out to the Fall Ball Director ahead of time with any questions.
  • The playoffs will consist of the top 4 teams in each division competing for the championship (#1 plays #4 and #2 plays #3 and the winners in each game will play for the championship on the same day).  Seeds #5-8 will still get a game the last day simply to get another game in.
  • Each division uses the following rules: 8U (Pee Wee Rules), 10U (Bantam Rules), 12U (Majors Rules).  Please refer to the HPBA Rules & Policies for more information.
  • A Fall Ball player may only play on one (1) team during the season.  A Fall Ball player cannot play on multiple teams within a division or multiple teams across divisions.
  • Rain outs will NOT be rescheduled.
  • During fall ball we will still adhere to all Park District COVID guidelines.

Please contact Mark Siemsen, HPBA Fall Ball Director, with any questions.



I am a coach looking to register a team.  How can I register?

  • Please review the information above around registering a team first.  Once you understand your obligations as a coach, you can proceed to register your team.  REGISTRATION IS NOT YET OPEN.  COMMUNICATION WILL BE SENT TO ALL EXISTING HPBA BASEBALL COACHES WITH THE REGISTRATION DATE.

As a coach, do I need to go through an application and background check process?

  • Yes, any coach (head or assistant) must have a background check in the current year.  If you are a coach that went through the process for the summer season, you are good to go.  Any new coaches, or coaches who did not go through the process in the summer season, must apply.
  • Please access the Coaches Background check process here

I have a player I would like to register in Hamlin Park Fall Ball.  How do I do that?

  • The Hamlin Park Fall Baseball program is "Team Registration" only.  There is no individual sign-up for Fall Ball like there is during our house summer league.  

What equipment is required?

  • Coaches/players will need to provide the following equipment:
    • Batting Helmets - Pee Wee players are required to have face masks on batting helmets
    • Catcher's Gear
    • Player Bats and gloves

     HPBA regular season rules apply for bats and helmets. See Rules & Policies for more information on equipment.

Do teams still need to pick up dugouts after games?

  • Yes, please make sure to pick up after your games.

What team name should we pick?

  • It's fall ball - Make one up, College, Minor League or MLB names.  Please make sure violent or offensive language is omitted.