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You will need to make sure you add any parents or guardians to the account that registered your player for a HPBA program. This will ensure both guardians receive notifications for the player. Please follow these instructions to add a guardian to a player profile.

Please follow these instructions to add a mobile number to your profile.

Sometimes players are registered under two seperate family accounts. Maybe one parent registered a child for Fall Ball and another parent registered the same child for spring/summer league. This can cause confusion around what account to use in order to manage a player's registrations. If you are in this situation, Hamlin Park does not have the ability to "merge" your SportsEngine accounts, however, you can follow these instructions to have SE Accounts merged.

  • Baseball Rookie: begins end of April and finishes before the 4th of July
  • Baseball All Other Divisions: begins end of April and finishes by August 1st
  • Softball All Divisions: begins end of April and finishes before the 4th of July 
  • All divisions participate in the Hamlin Park Classic Tournament the last week of the season.
  • Season specific details are found within the Baseball and Softball menu items in the main menu. 
  • The League takes a break for the 4th of July.

The majority of games are played from 10 am - 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday at Hamlin Park (near Barry & Damen). Games can be scheduled from 5:30 - 10 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday depending on the age of the players. Liberty Division and Senior Division games may also be played at Northeastern Illinois University (near Foster & Kimball).

  • Coaches are responsible for scheduling where and when their team practices. Coaches typically try to secure practice space in Lakeview and/or surrounding neighborhoods. Typically teams do not practice at Hamlin Park.
  • Coaches usually begin contacting their players with specific practice information by mid-March.
  • Typically house teams (non-travel) practice one time a week and have one to two games a week depending on the division. Frequency of practice is left up to the coach's discretion. 
  • HPBA gives every player a full uniform including hat, shirt, belt, pants and socks. Each team is given bats & helmets. Players must supply their own glove and boys must wear a protective cup. It’s often recommend that players wear cleats.
  • Players may use their own helmet & bat but these items must meet HPBA’s safety standards found in the Rules & Regulations Guide (baseball and softball), as determined by each division.

You may fill out a request to play-up for your child. As noted on the form, there must be space available in the upper division. All play-up requests are reviewed after Open Registration has been completed.

HPBA offers t-ball as a co-ed division for both boys and girls age 5-6 yrs old. Dedicated, fast pitch softball teams begin at age 7 yrs old.

Yes. HPBA is committed to providing a quality baseball and softball experience, and we rely on regular active participation from parents/families to make it happen. Parents/Guardians of Players are required to assist by giving their time and effort to the HPBA program. Examples of volunteer dependence include: the readiness of the baseball and softball fields, and the popular HPBA Grill, annual equipment disbursement & collection, All Star weekend, the Banquet, etc.  Each Hamlin Park family is required to volunteer at least three (3) hours per season.  A parent/guardian may opt-out of the HPBA volunteer commitment time by paying a one-time Volunteer Buyout Fee. Inquiries should be directed to

  • Returning Player registration begins in mid to late November and occurs online. Siblings of returning players may also signup during this time.
  • New Player registration begins in December and ends early January.
  • Hamlin uses a lottery-based registration system to eliminate overnight, waiting-in-line. Players interested in joining the league are asked to pre-register online. Families receive a lottery number at Hamlin Park’s Field House (no birth certificate required) and return with a birth certificate and payment if their lottery number is drawn a few days later. Players who's number is not drawn in the lottery are automatically placed on a waitlist.
  • Full registration details can be found on the Registration page.

Most divisions are full and have full waiting lists by February. If a division has available space or space on its waitlist, there will be a link to register for that division on the registration page. If there is no link to register for the division or for the division's waitlist than that division is full and considered closed for registration.

Hamlin Park Baseball and Softball leagues do not accept "friend requests" during registration. Due to the number of kids in the league and the need to keep teams as evenly balanced as possible, HPBA does not accept friend requests. HPBA relies on a Core Pick system along with an open draft to determine team makeup. The only exception to the Core Pick policy is in the Rookie Division where coaches may Core Pick all of their players. Please see the Baseball Core Pick & Draft Policies for more information.

HPBA follows the age cut-off dates set by Little League Baseball and Little League Softball.

Contact the league Treasurer at for financial aid questions.


No. All new players must go through the lottery. If your child is selected, then you can register to coach.

HPBA house coaches are volunteer parents. Coach selection typically happens in the Fall (prior to registration). Each team has one head coach and 3 assistant coaches (4 in Rookie). Please contact if you’re interested in coaching. Coaches must complete a three part approval process which includes a background check. Coaches are required to schedule at least one practice a week, be present for most games and attend a league coaches meeting once a month.

HPBA gives coaches a purple shirt to signify their role and responsibility to their team. Only coaches wearing their shirt on game day are allowed on the field, in the dug out and are able to communicate with the umpire.


HPBA is a non-profit, 501c3 organization. We rely on our community and corporate sponsors as a means to bring down each individual player cost and to help ensure HPBA stays a neighborhood, park district program.