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Jack Burke Scholarship Fund

The Jack and Marilyn Burke Player Sponsorship Fund
On June 16th, 2012, the HPBA gave a Lifetime achievement award to one of the original founders of Hamlin Park Baseball, Mr. Jack Burke. Mr. Burke founded the neighborhood baseball program in 1968 with the assistance of many people but most importantly, his late wife of over 50 years, Marilyn Burke.
Mr. Burke worked as a Fire Captain for the City of Chicago, served his country as a U.S. Marine during the Korean War and raised his family in the Hamlin Park neighborhood. His vision and dedication to the kids of the Hamlin community ensured they had a safe and structured place to play baseball. Mr. and Mrs. Burke secured the funds, coaches, uniforms, equipment, sponsors and support for many years to make the Hamlin Park Baseball Association a viable, long term youth baseball program.
Mr. Burke made sure that no child would ever be denied the opportunity to play baseball at Hamlin because of financial need. This is still true of the HPBA today.
In July of 2012, Mr. Burke donated $1,000 to the HPBA to ensure his vision of no child ever being denied the opportunity to play baseball at Hamlin due to financial reasons is continued. It is now the responsibility of all of us who can contribute to the fund to do so, so that we may carry on Jack and Marilyn’s vision of every player who wants to play at Hamlin being able to do so without money being a prohibiting factor.
If possible, please consider contributing to the fund by following the directions below. Any amount is welcome. Please help Jack and Marilyn along with all of us at the HPBA make Hamlin baseball accessible to anyone who wants to play the greatest game of all, baseball at Hamlin Park.

To contribute to the Jack Burke Scholarship, click here.

To apply for the Jack Burke Scholarship, please fill out and submit the form below.